Felix Solis Avantis is the number 1 Spanish wine exporter in Japan in 2014

In 2014, wine imports of Spain wine in Japan reached 1.74 million cases.

In 2010, the Spain’s economy being on the way to recovery and the harvest of grapes being decreased, many of wine producers had been noticing price increases. The importers had been withstood such sudden price increase for the time being but obliged to increase their retail price. Then they encountered sharp drops in sales. The market built up by the “cheap price” gradually began to disintegrate.

In 2014 Felix Solis finally went up to the number one of Spanish wineries in the ranking of the Japanese magazine Wands. The majority of increase had been derived from Sangria. The Sangria imported to Japan from Spain in 2014 reached to 300.000 cases. Los Molinos, Viña Albali, Blume, Diego de Almagro… are some of the wine brands that Felix Solis avantis sells in Japan.

Another characteristic of Spain wine observed in 2014 was that the volume of wine priced at \1.500 and over, equivalent to Reserva and Gran Reserva ranges, was increased. It is very highly expected that this price range wine will increase in sales. This will be closely connected with the prosperous business of the Spanish bars and restaurants in Japan.